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    Did you know every year roughly 10,000 + people lose an eye resulting in the need of a prosthetic? The average ocular prosthesis costs anywhere between 3,500-7,000 dollars per eye and are not recognized by many insurance carriers. Eye 1 Fitness was created by and for those who need and have a prosthetic eye. For every product sold Eye 1 Fitness will donate 10%. Our goal is to help those in need who are unable to afford a prosthesis. 


    Exercise and good overall health play a pivotal role in not only physical but mental well-being. Eye 1 Fitness understands that more than most. Every time you put on our stylish collection, prepare to feel victorious. Whether you are in the gym, at home, or running errands we have the perfect gear for you. Join Eye 1 Fitness, and make winning a part of your daily routine.


    Designed with your comfort in mind. Our high performance, athletic apparel will move with you, not against you. You will feel the ease along with the breeze. Our breathable material is just what you need. With every stitch, our carefully designed collection will help you reach your goals fashionably on time.

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We've teamed up with Carolina Eye Prosthetics. Our goal is to help those in need. Every donation goes to a pre selected individual in our prosthetic eye program. Thank you so much for your support. With every donation, you will receive one of our wristbands.

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Our seamless leggings make every movement effortless. See for yourself!


His & Her Matching Hoodies

Our pullover hoodies are ideal for athletes training indoors or out. Our breathable material keeps you cool and comfortable while allowing you to train on any level.


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Seamless Leggings

Seamless Leggings

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Gray Jogging Sweats

Gray Jogging Sweats

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Compressed Heart Leggings

Compressed Heart Leggings

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