PCH 2019 5K

Eye 1 Fitness Running For A Purpose

We have so many people and events that need and deserve a shout out, so we decided to raise awareness to them all by joining a local 5K run. Below are the reasons we are dedicating this 5K to.

  • The two year anniversary of Shancy's accident is April 4th, 2019. 
  • Supporting Cameron Balser and his 200 mile run. Go follow his page, RUN LOVE RIDE on Facebook, but most importantly read his story.
  • Meeting and hearing so many powerful and inspirational stories from other's who have lost an eye, due to an accident or health reasons.
  • & for all of you who have supported us so far.

Come out and join us Saturday, April 6th, 2019 at 10AM. If you can't be there due to distance then find a local trail or park and run with us. We all will cross the finish line together. Registration deadline is March 20th, 2019. For more information or any questions, email us at 

Half The Sight But All The Vision. Join Us And Our Mission.

Thank you,

Eye 1 Fitness

Again, we are truly thankful for all of your support and kindness. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and stay in touch with products, events, and giveaways.






Shancy Larson Won The Race!