Our mission is to give, so with every item sold, we do just that. Did you know every year roughly 10,000 + people lose an eye? Eye 1 Fitness donates 10% of every product sold to raise funds for those in need of a prosthetic eye. Eye 1 Fitness has teamed up with Carolina Eye Prosthetics. Carolina Eye Prosthetics is a family-owned company, based in North Carolina, that shares our passion and vision. Together, we can make our vision a reality. 
Eye 1 Fitness and Carolina Eye Prosthetics have put together a program for those individuals who do not have the funds for their prosthetic. Each individual is unique meaning our goal per person will vary. Qualified and accepted individuals in our program, will receive a prosthetic eye, paid for by donations received from us. Once one eye is paid for, we will repeat this cycle, and another eligible person will be added to our program. Our goal is to help as many individuals as possible. Join us today, and help us provide for those in need.
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